It’s My Book Baby Anniversary Celebrating the one-year anniversary of my book launch—a milestone I once thought unattainable. Huge gratitude to Renee Ecckles-Hardy, my invaluable publishing consultant, and to my dear family, friends, and every reader who supported “Maximizing Impact: Success Strategies for Dynamic Nonprofits.” Find it on Amazon and other platforms! Stay tuned for book number two! 

Maximizing with Michelle: Clint Arnold, CEO, Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc. (KISRA)

Clinton Arnold is the CEO of KISRA, Inc. This nonprofit organization provides life, business, affordable housing, mental health, and coaching programs for the recovery, transitioning, and youth populations throughout West Virginia. He is also a West Virginia State University professor, teaching entrepreneurship, marketing, and business operations courses. Clinton is a former business owner and telecommunications […]

Maximizing with Michelle: Jessica Hudson, Executive Director, Dress for Success River Cities/Kanawha Valley

After nearly 15 years of a serving several different non-profit organizations throughout the Kanawha Valley,  in the fall of 2015 Jessica Hudson took her passion and desire to positively impact people and communities to Huntington, where she became the Executive Director ofDress for Success River Cities, which recently opened a branch in the Kanawha Valley.  After attending Concord University,  Jessica later furthered her […]

Maximizing with Michelle: Dural Miller, CEO of Keep Your Faith Corporation

Dural is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KYFC, Inc. Through partnership and mission focused drive, Dural has been able to apply leadership and community support to strategies designed to meet individual and collective social needs of family and community. Since 2006, Dural and his team of committed volunteers and professionals have been able […]